I had today off, so over the last two days, went through all my drawers, in between yard work and helping my older son with the last bits of unpacking and rearranging his room, from our recent move.

Much of what I'm editing is very old and worn. This includes a 20+ year old knitwear top from Talbot's, 3 black knitwear tops, 2 long sleeve t-shirts that go back to high school or college, two cardigans and matching shells, two Halogen merino tops that have been repaired numerous times, and continue to split at the seams, one Caslon casual skirt, a Classique cardigan that bags out when I wear it (plus the shell I bought to go with it no longer seems to have a flattering neckline), and two scarves that have never fit with any outfit. These are all in the first picture.

The second two pictures are what I'm keeping. In the first of those, 5 cardigans in various weights, lengths, and fabrications. one cashmere turtleneck, and two sweatshirts, as well as fall/winter gear, and sleepwear in all weights. (The sweatshirts are both nostalgic items and worn as loungewear.)

The second drawer picture includes long-sleeved knitwear for work, long-sleeve casual tops, short-sleeve tops/tees for working out and yard work, and short-sleeve dressier knitwear. There are a few items in the laundry that will fill out what appears to be an open spot.

My big "a-ha moment" was that the "knitwear for work in fall/winter" category needs to be expanded, and that explains why I sometimes struggle to put together outfits. I've thought about whether I need more spring/summer knitwear, but realized that I've been gravitating towards sleeveless woven tops, so the three remaining items are probably about right, and I don't need to replace the three black tops that I culled.

And now, I'm making a quick trip to Nordstrom's as a reward, to try on some fund shoes!

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