I like denim jacket and it is my most wearing piece in spring and summer. I wear it with white jeans and sometimes with khaki and gray. A few days ago was warm so I wore my new white skinny jeans and blue denim jacket. I put also some combination which I usualy wear.
1. White skinny jeans, stripe T-shirt, white belt, pearls, shoes off'white and blue, blue denim jacket and white bag.
2. The same jacket and pants, printed white T-shirt, silver ballet, and white bag ( that I wore yesterday).
3. The same jacket and pants, leopard print blouse, pearls, cognac pumps and bag.
4. The same jacket and pants, white shirt, cognac pumps and belt and bag, and earings.
I don't like blue jacket and blue pants, may be I don't know to style them right or may be it is not suit me..
I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.