I have a small involvement with Dress for Success locally. There is an upcoming sale and they want donations of quality or designer clothing or accessories.

I am thinking of donating the following-

- Charmaine Reverly white floral midi dress. It’s a NZ designer dress but a bit short and feels a bit further away from my current style.
- Rabens gold sweater. I love the colour but the shoulders and width feel unflattering on me. Quality Euro brand.
- ink bag. This is a harder one. I am just not in love with the bag. Briarwood - high quality NZ brand. I do have ink boots as a complement but I also have a cross body with an ink strap.

It’s a good cause - and over the last 12 months I would not have missed the dress or sweater, and whilst the bag has been used I would prefer something not so cool in tone.

Think I am going to just donate and know the money goes to a good cause.