Do you only donate clothing in its correct "selling season" for your climate?
I don't. I used to have that concern when for a few years I tried taking things to re-sale shops. But over time that proved so draining that I have given it up and now only take things to a friend who sells (for herself) or to charities.

The reasons include, as above, I'm no longer having to hear, "Oh, we are not taking any more winter things", plus not sure all the destinations have a tight window on what might be used by whom.
But mostly, it's that I just don't have enough bandwidth to struggle through the editing decisions and then also stop and think, do I need to save this in a closet for 3 months ( or how long? since I don't really know) ?

I do some seasonal edits, but may be at beginning--try-ons in fall, for examle; or at end when packing away; or may do "category edits" similar to lisa p--might be putting on some shoes and have some spare time and just get the bug to go through some or all of one type of thing. Or, may notice something does or doesn't work well and go through similar items because now I have a vision of what it is I like or want to achieve.

A lot of my editing is random, when getting dressed and have an "aha" moment--this just does not fit! , or , this color looks awful, or, this is too hard to launder. So then one item goes into the donate bag.
I do tend to accumulate at least a bag (like a shopping bag, not a garbage bag) or box of items before taking, just for efficiency, but mostly I want things gone, once I make the decision.

Over to you--do you make an effort, or worry about, the potential seasonal issues of donated clothing?