This season, I'm coming to realize how much I dislike placeholder garments. I have two pairs of pants in my wardrobe that I'd really like to get rid of, but I'm hanging onto them and wearing them regularly because I simply cannot find what I want in stores this year. They're my only non-denim casual pants, so I really can't toss them, but I also don't enjoy wearing them. They are old enough that I can no longer buy direct replacements, and the alternatives I've tried are not up to snuff, so to speak. I'm in the frustrating situation of wanting replacements, but only if they can meet or surpass the fit and quality of what I have now.

So, do you find yourself with a lot of placeholders in your closet, while you wait for the perfect version to come along? Are they items you've bought knowing they weren't quite right, but needed? Or are they older things you've held onto for so long that you're afraid they'll fall apart before you find a replacement that you like?