its interesting, when I see your photos some of them feel like I am looking at a brunette version of myself! (with browns instead of blues)
I love the dress #5, and #1, I always feel a trench adds a sophisticated artsy-spy-vibe, especially when worn with more rugged pieces & long lush hair

maybe "earthly sophisticate"

I sense a similar moody-dutch-still life-drama in both your flowers (love them!) and your wardrobe....trying to translate the mood into words is hard. I keep being reminded of the vikings--strong and sensual at the same time

earthly---more of the earth, rich, sensual-both colors and drape
earthly bohemian

Bohemian sophisticate does capture something. I like all the descriptors but not sure about earthy because it suggests not wearing much black to me.

Well, "urban" perhaps was a nod to how black anchors your wardrobe. "Earthy Urban" makes sense as a description of your colour palette, but perhaps doesn't capture your overall style direction. Moody Bohemian Sophisticate? Moody in a cinematic sense -- grainy, soft-focus, dark and mysterious.

rebekahphoto, I just looked at your profile and it seems like we have really similar tastes and body types!

shevia, hee. I'm originally from rich, midwestern farm country, and I can attest that black is most definitely an earth tone.

I think I have it, at least in terms of something that will help with shopping and planning going forward. I'm always willing to adjust on the fly, though.

Moniker: Bohemian Sophisticate
To me, this says to aim for a casual, arty vibe tempered by (or paired with) grown-up, cosmopolitan, tailored pieces.

Adjectives - casual, rich, feminine, natural, textured
casual - in tune with my lifestyle
rich - deep, saturated colors and nuanced pattern
feminine - pretty elements like lace and florals
natural - made from silk, linen, cotton, leather, etc, with sustainable production practices
textured - tactile variety with a combination of materials, woven and knits together, and high-quality fabrics

I love number 6 on you. It's a bit sassy.

Sounds like a very apt moniker!
I think “rich” is a good word for your colours too.

People have made such great suggestions
I know I’m really late to the party here but I also see an “intellectual” vibe here, because of the restrained and disciplined colour palette, and a steering away from frivolity generally, and of course the specs and slight unconventionality.
I also see some “mysterious” and “enigmatic” due to the darker colours and subtle textures. Just some vibes I’m getting.

I'm not the best at style monikers...I'm glad that others are so knowledgeable! I can say that I do see a bit of boho in your outfits, and both hard and soft elements.

I love the high pony in 3, and I have pinned no. 6 to my own inspiration board as an outfit I would like to copy for myself.

Some of these looks are very dramatic. The way you've mixed hard & soft elements is really well done, and I love the contrast!

Jenn, I think you nailed it!

I missed this post when I was traveling. Your outfits always appeal to me - the unfussy clean lines and rich colors. I sure wish I could wear black like you do. I like that you are boosting the feminine a bit without moving to frilly.

I think your new moniker and adjectives capture this well. I know you are moving away from hard edge, but I still see Soft Edge in your style.

Thanks to all who chimed in late! Even while using his new moniker, the extra food for though helps.

Jussie—I wouldn’t at all mind putting off an “intellectual” vibe. Mysterious or enigmatic too! I’m a little standoffish and snarky, if I’m going to be honest about it, so I’ve given up on “approachable” being high on my priority list.

Gigi—I’d love to see your take on #6!

Cindysmith—it sounds like I’m going to have to embrace dramatic.

Staysfit—that means a lot coming from you. You’re quite good at this with your own wardrobe building!

Karen13–I never thought about it before, but you’re onto something with the “clean lines” comment. When I’m shopping, I usually gravitate to the simplest, most essential, version of an item, and don’t like a lot of extra design elements.

Yep... I WEALLY WIKE !!!