I was starting to reorganize my armoire for the fall season - when it’s S/S items like short sleeve tees, summer sweaters are on eye level shelf - so this time of year they move to top shelf and the long sleeve tops and heavier sweaters come to the eye level shelf for F/W. If we have real warm days I only have to reach up to get a summer top.
Anyway- as I was moving my LS items down I realized I have 5 very worn/ pilled LS tees that I kept for the sole purpose of wearing under newer pull over/ turtleneck sweaters so as to minimize laundry, prevent deodorant/ sweat stains on the underarms, extra layer of warmth etc.
( aqua tee to wear under aqua sweater, teal for teal, purple for purple- you get the idea)
Is it overkill?
Is it necessary at all?
Should I pitch them into the rag bag and use dress shields instead?
For those fabbers that count clothes-Do these count as tees ( which I can not wear in public) or undergarments.
Does anyone else keep old pieces like this in their wardrobe to protect newer items or am I just a hoarder?

I should mention that I have only 1 good LS tee that is public worthy- white of course but I also have turtleneck and button tops- so I am NOT top poor.
What say you?