Do you wear any kind of pants that are longer than Bermuda shorts, and shorter than ankle pants or what generally referred to as crops (usually 2 to 4 or so inches above ankles) ? These seem to be called capris on most sites I am searching on. I never have seen anyone on here showing anything they called capris on the WIW's. I am of the impression that the word CAPRIS are a frumpy or bad thing, Right?

However when anything that hits the leg somewhere from below knees to about 4 inches above ankles is OK if it is very sporty like cargos or athletic wear. Also not easy to find in anything other than 5 pocket jeans type, or looser fitting, or somewhat wider leg, or bright colors and brands like Karen Scott, etc.

It looks like this is what all the problems arising about what to wear in hotter weather when one does not want to wear shorts, and all the complaints about linen trousers having draw string waists, etc. I would solve my hot weather problems with CAPRIS if I could find something made of a decent hot weather fabric, and was not butt baggy, too loose on legs, fit thru hips, had pockets, and came in colors like black, taupe, grey, navy or such. also not expensive as they would only get worn a few times a year. But there arises occasions in hot months when one has to wear something other than sporty and suitable for some outdoor time. This is where getting old sucks!