Yes I do. It has to have a great detail. I'm gaudy.

I like the dressier or more interesting versions both for loungewear and (occasionally) out of the house. I had a navy sequinned one that I enjoyed several years ago, sadly worn out now. And I have a sweatshirt dress that I adore for casual wear in winter.

Thank each of you for your replies! This has been so much fun and interesting to me.

I will be very honest, that nothing has been said to make me decide to pursue one immediately. I neither love nor hate them.

In case anyone has forgotten, I am 84, and can be very indecisive sometimes. I still like clothes so much that if I see something (and I often do) I will stretch the budget just a little or( sometimes more) to buy it. However, the point I am trying to make, I can never justify buying a sweatshirt! There are two or three in the NAS sale that are cute. If I do order one I will post the outcome. Thanks again for humoring me.

I was just wondering if I want to pack or pitch this red sweatshirt. The periwinkle one, my favorite color, was too stretched out, so it left long ago. Ditto the oversized sports team sweatshirt from a guy I dated.

I hadn’t realized I was cutting out that category, but I don’t think I have any others. I don’t wear wool sweaters either. I do wear heavy cotton sweaters, and layers, layers, layers.

What I do have are sweatshirt dresses. They are cozy and, as long as they hold their shape, easy to wear. And for the past two years, I’ve occasionally borrowed a zip up hoodie from my son.

Btw, Bridgie, how are you? Last time I was around, you were convalescing from an accident. All better now?

I do for loungewear, but I stick to those with something a little extra (zipper, grommets, ties on sides). They're too comfy to shun!

This is a good question because I’ve been surprised to find my sweatshirts very challenging to style. I own two; one of them I think should theoretically look great with a skirt and sneakers, but when I try the outfit, it never feels quite right. And the other is very nice quality, and I expected to wear it casually with jeans, but again, it never feels right, and I’ve relegated it to loungewear/exercise.

I wonder why styling them is difficult?

I have a hoodie that I love. I wear it all the time at home, walking or to the gym. I don't have any other sweatshirts as such but I have had some in the past.

I tend to prefer zip up sweatshirt jackets to put on over a tee when it cools down. But cardigans or even soft jackets fill the same role.

Nice to hear from you Bridgie.

Well I’ve always thought dressy/funky sweatshirts look cute, but I haven’t tried one for myself. I have two super casual blue sweatshirts (one icy blue and one cadet blue) that I wear for lounging or walking, they have a nice fit and colour and they kind of co-ordinate with my track pants and athletic shoes.

Fashintern, thanks for weighing in. You always have good suggestions.

Others have mentioned a sweatshirt dress. I am somewhat intrigued with that idea.

I have missed you. I hope your plans are working out well for you and that nice looking son of yours. What is his age now?

Thanks for asking about the (incident). My signature car, an older, but well cared for Mustang convertible was totaled when someone playing with her GPS ran a red light. I was not hurt seriously. The worst part was having to shop for a car. A few people asked me if I was going to get a convertible. I did not!

GeeCee I bet you have cute sweatshirts.

Windchime, you have expressed my almost exact feeling about sweatshirts!

Sal, Thank you. Good to hear from you. I read everybody's posts but do not post as often as I did there for awhile.

jussie, well, you do have pretty colored sweatshirts. And you have figured a way to make them work for you.

No, my very last sweatshirt was long ago demoted to a dust cloth, Bridgie !

So glad to hear you’ve recovered well!!

Thanks for remembering my son and asking about him. He is 6’, and is very displeased that we are moving to Berlin at the end of the month. The suspense/unknown is probably the worst part, so he should be fine once we are there. The area we will be living in is very international, so I’m curious how he’ll feel about that.