I have black and nude half slips in different lengths and wear them with skirts and dresses all the time to smooth things out and prevent cling. Older slips are more likely to be nylon or silk. Now it is hard to find one that is not polyester. I wish I could find some pretty full length slips.

I have a couple of half slips to wear under unlined skirts or dresses with tights - they really help prevent static cling. Two places I can usually find them are amazon or target.

In the summer I orften wear culotte slips (in a loose,silky nylon material) for comfort on hot, humid days. I tried and disliked the jockey slip shorts when they first came out as they felt too warm to me, but may try them again as I think they might have changed the fabric.

In colder weather I sometimes wear a slip skort. I find when the skirt and shorts are attached together there isn’t as much sliding around as with two separate pieces. I also sometimes wear nylons under it! I don’t like built-in control top stockings because they tend to dig into my hip-meets-leg crease, in a way that shorts don’t.

This thread is a good reminder though about summer slips. I have a white denim pencil skirt which I like for when it is very hot, but it is sheer enough that I always wear tunic tops over it, which is visually less than ideal. I should go find a light-colored slip.

I wear slips with almost every skirt and dress. I don't with self-lined items, and occasionally I leave it off with snug sweater dresses that I wear with Wolford tights, which are smooth like dance tights and don't get static.

Most of my half slips are Vanity Fair, which I get from Kohl's. Others are from the department store Dillard's. Their store brand Cabernet has the best selection of both traditional full and longer slips; it's hard to find a slip nowadays without a slit to mid-thigh, but they do have at least one. I think they discontinued the shorter ones. I have a big collection of both black and nude half slips in different lengths, depending on the color of the skirt/dress and legwear. I wear the 16" black one quite a bit in winter because it keeps short dresses/tunics from riding up on leggings and thick tights.

As (midi) dresses and skirts are on trend, let's hope that retails will soon understand the need for more slips and half slips--preferably in comfortable qualities.

Fabric is definitely key in slips. Cheap fabric doesn’t even seem worth buying, as it then doesn’t do what its intended purpose is.

Nope, no slip. And I do have one skirt that can use one...oops! That said, I used to wear slips, probably through the '80's. They were totally normal.

I have a slip, but rarely need it. I prefer my slip shorts.

I can’t remember the last time I wore a slip. I did have several but edited them years ago because they hadn’t been touched in at least a decade. I wear Jockey Slip Shorts if I’m not wearing pantyhose.

I wear them primarily for the extra layer of warmth - other benefits are just a bonus.

I like the Commando brand slips. I have two, one nude and one black.