Before I found YLF, I was an avid reader of fashion magazines and books. I was always searching for ways to help refine and personalize my style, but the books tended to offer up stagnant cookie-cutter looks (the LBD, the tunic, etc.) and the magazines were so trend-focused it was hard for me to figure out how to combine my existing wardrobe with all the new pieces they featured (which is one of the things Angie shows us how to do so spectacularly well here on YLF).

I still occasionally look at a fashion mag just for the inspiration of a colorful layout or to check in on trend interpretations....but I have really cut back. And I have no desire to buy any more fashion books!

Just wondering how everyone else feel about this. Do you read fashion magazines/books now that you've found YLF? If so, what sort of help do they give you?