I have been noticing more and more that I see what I consider "hard edge" in stores. To me, hard edge is leather (or faux leather), studs, zippers, moto anything (boots, jackets, pants), deconstructed jeans and a fair amount of black or gray. I didn't see hard edge on Angie's trend report so I'm wondering if anyone else notices this? Or it could be that I never really paid attention and there is the same amount as usual?

More importantly. do you like or wear hard edge? I personally don't explicitly go for hard edge but a moto jacket or shoes with studs (like the SE Ollie's) really add personality and dimension to an outfit. I also am getting more into leather details (or faux leather as much as possible since I don't like the smell of real leather). While I don't aim for hard edge, it is an important tool to keep my more traditional, professional or feminine outfits more fun.

Would love to hear your thoughts on hard edge.