I generally don't wear yellow. It doesn't speak to me and I don't like how it plays with my skin tone. I did use to have yellow sandals that were a lot of fun though (and as far away from my face as possible), so would consider that again. I do like chartreuse but tend to gravitate toward the ones that are more green than yellow.

Like pink i only have one piece currently. In the summer most times i buy one piece

I have a yellow floral tee and a mustard scarf.

I do like yellow but am picky about the shades - I like butter yellow, mustard and golden yellow - no green tones and not too lemon.

I love the yellow bag and have been contemplating a mustard shade one.

What brand is this bag? I love a tidy structured bag like this and love the yellow and the black.

I am incredibly attracted to yellow. Big Bird yellow. I’m not sure if it’s flattering or not, but this doesn’t matter. Because what I’ve found is I don’t like being IN yellow. I also don’t like yellow walls (I NEED to paint my sitting room). I find it too stimulating. But I just love Looking at it, tho, especially yellow clothes. It’s very odd.

I have had one yellow item in my adult life. Even then I realized it was an outlier. A pale yellow and flowing blouse I wore with flowy black pants with some sheen. I loved that outfit. Yellow looked better on me then. And the contrast was fabulous.

Reviewing Angie’s yellow items my thought was the only one I might wear would be the boldly colored scarf. And literally my next thought was it would be perfect if only it didn’t have the yellow. Horses for courses, as Angie says.
Note, I’m saying for me. Love yellow on others.

I was going to say no, but I'm wearing a golden yellow hat in my avatar photo. The yarn for the hat was dyed with onion skins, so it's a mellow, earthy goldenrod shade. I tend to opt for darker, more muted yellows with a good dose of brown and/or green in them. I had a mustard tee with turquoise stripes that I wore to death, and also a pair of oxfords that looked either mustard-yellow or pea-green, depending on the light.

I've seen some pieces recently in a very saturated but still earthy "curry" colour that I really like: yellow veering toward reddish-brown. I could see wearing a bit of that as an accent to a black/white or navy/white outfit.

I have a few yellow tops and a yellow clutch. I also have a pair of sandals that are brown and yellow. I like yellow to be golden. I have warm colouring and prefer colours that are warm.
I have a sweater that is chartreuse.

I quite like yellow, especially in my garden, where I specialize in yellow leafed and yellow variegated shrubs and perennials. Designing with foliage is my thing. Not so much yellow in my wardrobe though, since it is not very flattering to my complexion. Mustards look the best, then a pear color. Where I tend to play with yellow is in accessories: scarves & bags. And in fact, just last week, I bought a lemon yellow cross body bag, and am as happy with it as a dog with two tails. The bag is The Sak's Ladera. Now that I think about it, I also bought a beautiful pear-colored (a greenish-yellow, but not chartreuse) turtleneck sweater this past winter too.

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I love yellow and want to wear it. Historically, yellow has made my skin look sad, so I have not worn it next to my face. I currently have a pair of yellow denim shorts (super cute with a summer tan) and a buttery yellow leather tote bag I will pull out after April break.
Oddly enough, I wore a yellow blouse today. I think I liked it! I am not sure, because I think I am still haunted by the years when yellow was not a color I could wear.

I love yellow but it doesn’t love me. I especially like the idea of it in spring with a nautical feel combined with navy and white.

Last couple of years I’ve thought about adding yellow jeans but they’d have such a short wearing season (maybe mid March to mid June).

I do have a yellow bag though and a scarf in a yellow and grey print.

Bijou, what a beautiful bag! And it looks gorgeous in yellow. As Angie says, it would look perfect with your Versace dress.

I wear yellow. I have got a bright cool yellow jacket, a short armed sweater in the same yellow colour and a number of scarves. I haven’t got any yellow bag though - this one would be perfect.

Yellow -- nope. Great on others, not for me.

I like yellow but I only have one yellow linen shirt. It's a great spring/summer color.

I like yellow a lot but don’t have it in my closet right now. The closest I have is a pair of mustard sandals I purchased impulsively a couple of summers ago. I enjoy wearing them with cropped blue denim in the summer.

I like yellow, specially bright shades, but I do bit wear too much yellow close to my face. That said I do own and wear yellow shorts, yellow cropped pants, and print tops and scarves that have some yellow. I used to have a summer tweed yellow jacket that I loved and wore a lot, until it did not fit any more.

As I wrote on my comment to Angie's blog, I just yesterday decided to look for yellow shoes after seeing someone wearing great looking yellow ankle boots. With your bag choice I would take bright pink (3).

Cute bag! I am also attracted to the yellow bag...it's a gorgeous shade of yellow. I would probably buy the yellow bag or the red one.

I am very attracted to yellow at the moment, but yellow in general doesn't look good with my natural coloring, so I have very little of it in my wardrobe. I have only two pieces--a cardigan and a tank top, neither of which I wear much. I assuaged my current longing for yellow by getting yellow nail polish . I would love a pair of yellow shoes, though, or a yellow purse.

I'm definitely on team yellow, preferring warmer tones like what Sal described, butter yellow, golden yellow, not too lemony. Warm yellows look really good on me and I get lots of compliments when I wear them, plus I wear a lot of denim and other blues so it's a natural for me. I don't have much right now but want to add more. I do have to be careful about not going too far into the land of mustard yellow.

I currently own one solid yellow sweater (actually the color is a bit too orangey to be called true yellow) plus a top and a scarf with yellow in the prints. (first 3 finds)

I almost brought home the yellow CK bag shown because I LOVE the color although I didn't quite like the design, and I'm on the hunt for other items, maybe a top like the target and Loft tops shown.

Bijou I'm going to vote for you to get the bag in yellow, of course What brand is it? Can't quite read the logo on it...

Not at all, as I tend to think it wouldn't go well with my olive/sallow complexion. But maybe the right clear shade would be alright.

Yellow is not for me but I admire others who wear it. I've tried just a few yellow items over the years but it's not one of my preferred colors. I do love that yellow bag you are considering, do you have the find or link? I had a work bag that is almost the exact duplicate in black, that I LOVED and wore it until it had holes in it. I wouldn't mind adding a similar style back to my collection.

Ladies, so interesting to hear your thoughts on yellow.

The bag Is bySamantha Thavasa. A Japanese brand. I know they also sell internationally, as I have bought their bags in Singapore, but alas they don’t ship to Australia. I have a trip to Japan planned and thought I would buy a bag on that trip. It was a choice between bright pink and yellow. This style with the bamboo handle appealed to me.

Yellow is a colour that when it works is incredibly beautiful. But the wrong shade makes you look sick. It is interesting to see how polarisingyellow is!

I tend to feel that everyone has a yellow that they can wear... it's a matter of figuring it out. If you want. Cuz there are many many shades of it!

I only came to yellow fairly recently. The shades I CAN wear are bold in your face big bird yellow, and citron. I don't like the bold yellow, I find it just a bit too much. But I guess I do have it as a colour mixed with others... namely two items that Angie also has, the Boden sweater and J Crew scarf (which I love love love together). But citron... I love. It has to be clear, and not veering in to chartreuse.

One of my first purchases was a purse, and I recommend that as a way to start... it goes with so much. I get compliments every single time I wear my citron coat and sneakers (not together, just every time I wear them). I've also got a couple of tops. The linen tee was probably my most worn tee last summer, much to my surprise.

I still miss the yellow kerchief I misplaced (in my closet I think) years ago. I really like yellows if they aren’t too gold or too pale. I really like the T-shirt below that I ordered in the wrong size during Triple Points. Hope to order again if it’s marked down.

I love yellow, all shades. I only have one solid yellow top (mustard yellow) but there is quite a bit of yellow incorporated into the patterns in my wardrobe. In fact, as I type this, I’m wearing a yellow plaid wrap to take the chill off!

I love yellow but it is awful next to my face so I just reserve it for shoes or home decor. It's such a happy color that I'm enjoying all the posts!