Because I do! It was something that I started a couple years ago, when I noticed that I had worn the same pair of pants with the same sweater 3x in one month. At that point, I decided to simply start alternating pants/skirts/pants/skirts then jeans on Friday, with dresses included in the "skirt" portion.

Now that my wardrobe has expanded significantly (and is in the process of being culled and refined), I've created a schedule to make sure that I wear a variety of outfits each week to satisfy my craving for such and to make sure I don't fall into a rut. It goes:
Monday - dresses
Tuesday - pants
Wednesday - jacket/blazer
Thursday - skirt
Friday - personality (this was kind of a free day, initially meant to wear something more offbeat or unique, but I am finding it's more of a pants day than anything more specific since I already feel that many of my outfits fall into the "unique" category)

Each day, anything can be combined with the required item, as long as that one piece is included.

When I first began, I sorted all my clothes into categories hanging in the closet: pants, skirts, dresses, button downs, knit tops, cardigans, pullovers and jackets/blazers. Jeans were separate, folded in drawer, as were leggings and layering tank tops. As I wore each item, I then placed it to the far right hand side of my closet space.

I've now gone through all of my pants and dresses, but not all the tops - of any kind - or skirts or blazers/jackets.

I'm thinking that I should either: expand on the outfit type, and be more specific i.e. "dresses with a cardigan" vs "dresses with a jacket" or "pants with a pullover" vs "pants with button down" etc... or maybe I should start working on capsules, which I feel even though I have read a multitude of posts on, I have no idea where to start.

I'm not sure what I hope to gain from this post... I guess I'm just rambling.