Sweaters! And I haven't lived in a 4-season environment for over 20 years - go figure. I've put the brakes on it though - no new sweaters unless I knit them myself.

My weakness is shoes. I have way more occasion shoes than I have occasions. Or that my poor feet will still tolerate. I am also unable to purge dead sweaters...

Sleeveless tops because they’re so easy for me to fit. My husband says I have too much outerwear, but I don’t agree. All of it gets worn at least a few times every year.

I am glad to see that l am not alone in hoarding sweaters/jumpers!But then l do have to wear one for at least 8 months of the year,more if we get a cold summer.

Jackets/blazers used to be my weak… er… strength But, I’ve gotten a good handle on them… now, it’s sweaters! It can be cold here from October through early-mid June, so I kind of think I can justify them, or at least I tell myself I can…

I think dresses - I tend towards owning a few too many party/occasion wear dresses and I rarely edit them out....because I love them and "you never know".........

If I need to go the races, a garden party, a wedding, a cocktail party or any dressy birthday parties I am sorted.........

Yes, I like how Mainelady reframed the question; my strength is footwear. I cannot resist an interesting pair of shoes (includes boots, sandals, etc).

I think my entire wardrobe is likely composed of my 'weaknesses' - well all except my gear capsule. Main offenders for me are: dresses, coats, jackets and boots. Having moved to working from home, I have tried to be mindful and keep my purchases realistic for my current lifestyle. It can be tricky!

Oooh, I love Mainelady's reframe!

My wardrobe strengths are therefore: outerwear (still buying it); footwear, esp. booties and boots; and, to a lesser extent, jackets, (i.e. blazers).

Do I give in? YES to most footwear (and honestly, it never fails me, in the long run...). SOMEWHAT to outerwear -- I'm not yet at a one-in-one-out situation, but getting close; jackets, to a lesser degree -- this is pretty much a one-in-one-out arrangement, so I won't buy unless I'm ready to give up something else.

In my case, it used to be scarves. However, after covid-19 came here, I have purchased only one scarf. Since March 2020, my purchases have primarily been items I really needed--bikini, underwear, socks, rain boots, reading glasses, and comfortable tops with various necklines and sleeve lengths.

For many months now, I have lived at my old parents' place because they need my help. I have only a few scarves here and look forward to being able to go and pick up all the rest of my scarves and other clothes--hopefully in August or September.

The blue dress category of my closet is strong because I am weak when facing one. A couple of my early posts on YLF 4 years ago were about buying “swing” tops and blue dresses. I laid off the blue dresses. It still is the option I like best when I see the same dress in multiple color ways. If I was to buy a casual dress now, I might allow it to be blue. Swing tops—too bad I gave those away, because they might fit now. I have a purple linen one that works.

Nominating Mainelady for YLF "Hero of the Reframe" - a little-known but highly coveted award...

Since Angie is way too busy, I will write her response. "Handbags but I'm extremely strict with myself on sticking to a one-in, one-out policy."

If I can get a willing photographer, I may have to try on all my outerwear and post pics so you all can help me weed out the collection.

April, I probably need to do the same thing with outerwear! I have some pieces that I like but just haven't worn in a couple of years.

It used to be shoes but not anymore now it's jammies. I have way more pajamas of every type than anyone needs but they feel good, are cute and are super affordable.

Hair accessories! My hair grew long enough to pull back or put up during Covid lockdown, and I’ve kept it longer, Now I’m amassing quite a collection! (Some of my stash in Finds, below)

Shoes, for sure! Limited finances and limited space help me keep my desires in check.

Coats, cashmere sweaters, jeans, long blazers, shoes, boots, sheath dresses…..did I forget anything?!

If I had to pick one category that I cannot resist, it would be cashmere sweaters…..I dread the thought of moving to a warm climate and giving them up! However, they are perfect for me for almost 2/3 of the year. Other than coats, it’s the one item that takes the most space in my closet. My coats are spread between three closets, but we have four seasons, two rainy, and two cold….need I say more? I nodded along with Mainelady’s description of coats!

I’m amazed there are so many people who find it easy to buy outerwear. I’m always looking for coats and rarely buy because most possess some disqualifying feature: odd length, not warm enough, unlined, bad/no pockets, gold hardware, finicky zippers… Ditto shoes. I *wish* I had an easy time finding shoes that tick all the boxes. These really are areas of strength, not weakness!

White lace tops....which is unfortunate, since I have discovered thar cream looks so much better on me. They're much harder to find!

To my surprise it’s become footwear, the past few years. What I perceive as a general trend towards sneakers and other comfortable, sturdy shoes (Birks! Timberlands! Loafers!) has made footwear a lot more fun and accessible for me as I could never safely wear heels and was constantly shopping in compromise mode. I’ve also gotten frustrated with the fit and quality issues with so many clothing items and don’t really enjoy the hunt so shoes in my preferred brands of known consistent quality are a bit of a cop out way to satisfy the shopping bug. However, I have limited storage space as well as opportunities to wear transitional footwear (I live in a climate where we go from boots to sandals in a matter of a few weeks), so I’m having to be very self-aware and limit my purchases.

I will add though that as someone who was very minimal in the past it is handy having a larger shoe wardrobe. Having multiple pairs to choose from makes new clothing items easier to wear. Having more interesting footwear vs neutral basic choices makes me happier with a smaller, simpler clothing wardrobe. My shoes pull more weight now.

Shoes, outerwear, bags and jackets. These are all items I describe myself as nuanced about. I have 3 seasons (summer, spring/fall, winter) when I could need a raincoat. Then, depending on my activity, how heavy and persistent the rain is, the color and formality of my outfit…You get the idea. Equally delighted to have just the right footwear, bag and topper. Trying to streamline my approach, find overlap and items that function in a variety of ways. Still, I embrace the ML re-framing up thread. Great topic.

My answer would definitely have to be Breton T's. Breton stripe anything, actually. I have numerous tops in all sleeve lengths, but also two skirts (pencil/tube and maxi) and countless purses and tote bags.

Whenever I spot a new one, one of my kids will say "don't you already have that?" (or, "too many?"). But I usually get it, and I never regret it. In fact, my answer to the post about Wardrobe Heros would have been the same..

How did it take me so long to come up with the obvious answer here? As my browsing history this morning shows, my weakness is clearly lingerie.

I was just browsing some catalogs that arrived yesterday, and my weaknesses are dresses and duster-length toppers. Dresses are really practical here, so I’m okay having more than a fair share of those. The toppers have a more limited wearability time, but they’re my FAVORITE statements.

Wardrobe Heroes or Pets or Weaknesses -- for some things, it does make sense to succumb, for others, it's important to know when enough is enough.

I used to adore satchels, but since I started using crutches, my modest collection just ornaments the open shelves in my closet. Enough is truly enough for me there.

The cross-body bags on the other hand, are multiplying, but since I wear one all day every day, this to me doesn't feel like a weakness.

In any case, I would elope with a great coat before I would even go on a date with a handbag.

Easy - dresses! A dress is a one-and-done outfit. If I like the dress and it fits (and it suitable for my life) it's very, very hard to say no.

I also can't stop making winter skirts. Skirt+tee+cardigan was my uniform last year, and I found it extremely comfortable and flattering. But I eventually long for more variety, so I'm already looking out for more/different fabrics to add to my lineup.

In past years my weakness used to be shoes. I still buy more regularly, but I've also passed on quite a few as my feet have gotten a lot more complainy. I also tend to reach for the same few pair once a season is established. At some point I may have to actually pass on things that have no problem and I love, but just don't wear. I'm not to that point yet, though!

Carla, I love your hair accessories collection! I should do that for mine, too. I've pretty much stopped buying more but I have a nice set that I enjoy using.

Ha- just added another skirt yesterday, but in my defense I'm wearing it today

April, i misread your comment and for a second had an image of a collection of fabulous crutches—some blingy, some wrapped in velvet or other luxe fabrics, all of them amazing in their own way. Then I realized I’d read crookedly and it’s actually unused satchels that line your closet. But seeing as they are an accessory that’s always by your side, have you considered crutches that are attractive to look at, like cute glasses or a nice watch? Do they even make them?

Beautifully designed and made clothing that's well marketed, and in my "casual fem" wheelhouse. I am currently drooling over almost all of the Rebecca Taylor summer collection. https://www.rebeccataylor.com/edit/best-sellers/

I did splurge on a white cotton tie-font jacket but I'm a little scared to wear it around here. But that's another post...