I only carry one bag at a time. Usually for many years. I have very specific wants/needs and then I have to love it. Like a BFF, the magic doesn't happen very often. My beloved coach Annabelle, despite repair at Coach central, was looked peaked. So I began searching in earnest for a replacement. Length must be 9" (10" is too big, 8" too small - like baby bear it's gotta be just right). Width 4" and height is negotiable. It must have a secure easy to one hand closure, crossbody/shoulder but with a top handle. Outside pocket a must and interior pockets but only one main compartment. Feet a plus and silver or all black hardware only. It must be elegant enough to transition day/night. So you can imagine this HEWI does not appear very often. When I saw the coach drifter it was already discontinued at coach. Amazon, zappos, ebay were available. I was not sure about the front flap because the leather is matte and looked prone to scratching. But I was intrigued by the magnets high up on the sides that hold the opening of the bag closed but a tiny tug and you have a huge amount of room to see everything. After a day or two of use I was obsessed. I have duplicated because I am afraid the suede and front panel will show wear, but perfect size, perfect pockets, stands on it's own. Interesting mixed media, easy visibility with magnets and side can tuck in or out, kind of Celine, elegant and black/black hardware goes with everything. I have not been this possessive about a wardrobe item in a long time....... Anyone else obsessed over a special piece? What? and Why?