On a recent post Cocolion said she was colour focussing - choosing to have several pieces in the same colour rather than a broader range of colours.

I thought that was interesting. I can see the pros - mix and matching is definitely easier - and why not wear your best or favourite colours more?

I don't tend to go deeply into colour trends - I might add just one piece in a trending colour- but this does mean it is in danger of being an orphan.

Over the lat two years I have added a few navy pieces - bag, boots, sweater, top and a navy and cream skirt. And in the last 12 months I have dabbled in toffee/camel - a bag, coat and sweater to add to boots I already had.

What do you do - do you go deep ( say three or more additions in the same colour) or wide ( say three or more different colours). And what colours are we including?

Black and white excluded - navy and grey and khaki and other neutrals included - although you can argue either way!!