I've tried a couple of them, but I have a larger rear end and a smaller bust, and there isn't enough material to get over my rear end--trying to get the snaps together is terribly difficult. I can't go a size up or else they're too big in the bust.

I love the tops in concept. In practice, I would likely find them hard to deal with in the bathroom. Too many things to get undone.

Oh, and I'm tall. Finding one piece items like this that actually fit me is far more difficult than it should be. I long ago gave up on one piece bathing suits.

I wore them in the past and loved them. I can not imagine wearing them now because of the washroom issue. I go to the washroom two or three times more than the average person (I am sure of it because no one else seems to need to go except me!!!!) and doing snaps up would be a pain.

Gosh - so many interesting things to think about here! Thank you for all the comments. If bodysuits were big in the 90s I missed them then, because that was my childbearing decade (only two babies, but still, almost 2 years pregnant, and then weight recovery and running around after toddlers). So maybe that's part of my interest. (That Danskin reference was from the 70s and definitely a swimsuit.)

I definitely understand the potential for restroom challenges. And also wedgie/VPL/discomfort. I found it really interesting that Greyscale wears her own panties underneath, which made me sigh enormously with relief. I don't see the built-in panty as an advantage, just the sleek tuck-in made possible by the panty. So if I can wear my own and keep it all smooth from behind (and that's the question) it just might work.

Thanks for all the comments. I'll definitely check back once they come in and I've tried them. Smittie, we'll see if I love them enough to recommend them. (Do you follow Stylebee? She loves them. Another reason for my interest. That and Greyscale's endorsement of this JC silk one.)

I have become quite a fan. This past summer I tried, on a whim, a relatively inexpensive cotton button-down shirt version from Express and was sold. I got it in three colors: white, black, and stripe, and keep wishing they had it in light blue, too. I have a very long torso and having shirts stay tucked in is a nightmare, and bodysuit solves that issue. I have to size-up/go for tall sizes to get enough body length but that is fine. I like the sleek tucked-in look for professional occasions. I don't wear it too often, but when I do, I really like the bodysuit option. I also wear them over my own underwear. I will be sure to check out this silk J Crew version, especially as it comes in tall sizes.

There is a small company that specializes in this kind of dressy bodysuits. They keep changing their names, and currently are called Tuxe: https://www.tuxebodywear.com/ I have discovered them accidentally a couple of years ago, when I was desperately searching for tops with high necks to hide my surgery scars. I ended up buying a sleeveless version in very light taupe, made of very soft leather (only bodice on the front). I wear it with my taupe suit, and feel great very time I do. I highly recommend them.

No. All the fit issues noted above and VPL for me.
But I like to imagine the problems they solve. One type is the perfect smooth tucked knit T look. Another is silky blouses which always slither out. I have tucked those into pantyhose before. That is much more doable with true high- waisted pants.

I really love the look of them, and am open to trying them IF they are super-comfy.

My beloved mini-fashionista daughter and I were in Zara the other day and she asked, with genuine interest, "Mommy, why do they make baby onsies for grown-ups? Is it if they have to wear diapers?" So that did spit in my soup a little on this one ...