Well, I know we can all expect exactly as much as we want! And we do care about fashion or we wouldn't be here. We likely care more than the general population, even when the general population dresses just fine. I'm rambling....here's the source of this musing.

A month or so ago I met a close friend for a museum event. I love this woman, she's in my circle of dearest, but she is not a fashionista. It's not like she doesn't care at all, but it isn't her thing really. She wants to look good, but she doesn't care about styles, or know what is in style. I actually love that about her. Now, you all know I can hardly be called trendy, so I'm talking more behind than me.

So at this event she was dressed in something I've seen on this board called Chicos-tastic. Circa 2000 maybe. She looked nicely dressed, just dated. And guess what...about 6 women stopped us and told her how great she looked! I was wearing something that has gotten board approval...as stylish as I can personally manage, at least fairly current...and got noticed by exactly no one.

What am I trying to say? I'm not sure. I'm not saying we shouldn't care. I think my point is that I hope we are all being so invested in dressing our best for our own selves and no one else's. I'm not sure anyone else cares! I think most people don't notice details we think are so important, and maybe things date a lot more slowly than we think they do. What do you think?