Not yet but I have gotten snags in two that need repair.

I have an orange puffer that has gotten a little flat from washing it a lot but still keeps me nice and warm. It got some blue dye on it when a pair of jeans accidentally got tossed in the washer with it so I just wear it for hiking and dog walking.

They can...yeah. But it tends to take a long time.

I have a bunch, some retired due to wear. I got a Northface Thermoball like Angie's but got it second hand. It wasn't "worn out" in the sense of having holes or anything (after five years of heavy wear) but it had lost its shape and looked "tired" in an inexplicable way, so I passed it along.

I also have an Aritzia jacket with a ruined zipper. I'm pretty sure i can get it fixed so I haven't donated or binned it.

My Lole jacket, bought first year of YLF membership, regularly loses feathers. But it's still in good shape overall.

I have a 10 or 11 year old Canada Goose navy blue short hooded puffer that is still like new. If the fit were a little looser I would wear it more often, sigh. I also have a bargain Lucky Brand black puffer I got at Marshall’s probably 8 years ago that I wear for photo treks and camping, so it’s been exposed to thorns and snags and all kinds of abuse, and somehow remains in great shape!

My long black Kors puffer, which I love, got snagged on something years ago and has a small rip that I did a terrible job patching, so there’s a little spot that looks rough, and it has an occasional feather leak, but otherwise it’s still in good shape. I think I’ve had that for about 6-7 years?

And a couple of newer ones from Uniqlo (a jacket and a vest) haven’t been worn as much but still look new so far. My blue Fjallkraven vest gets worn a ton but looks perfect — it’s only two years old. I expect it to have a long life! The Bernardo from last years NAS has only been worn several times but I also expect it to last nicely.

My puffer, bought 2019, has a broken zip, so I will replace next aussie winter. It was a cheap ie, bought at rivers on sale for about $40. And nowhere near not as warm as you Canadians wear.

I have one that definitely feels flatter than before, but it's not for the coldest days so should be ok.
I would think that stitching could come apart, and not be as easily repairable as a normal seam.

I suppose they CAN wear out, but some of them certainly last long. I still have--and wear, year round--an icy white puffer jacket purchased 1988.

The Cat that is impressive! And even more so that it is white. I had a white rain jacket and it yellowed over time.

I showed my white 1988 puffer in this forum 4 years ago:

And it still looks great.

None of mine have ever worn out. I've even got one from 2003...mostly for dog walking as it looks a little juvenile. My favorite needs a little repair from having my hands in my pockets, holding onto the dog's leash and the pocket tore a little when she pulled but otherwise...

My dad had one from a ski trip in the late 70s. By the time I came along and could notice (c. 1990), it had probably lost half its feathers and had relatively little insulating capability. Once he could afford to replace it (with an insulated leather jacket) the puffer was designated for yard/garage use only. I think it's still there.