This past Saturday I went with a friend of mine to look for her birthday gift. She had in mind a long lightweight cardigan, dressy but not too dressy, versatile, that she could wear for an upcoming wedding and also in everyday life. We went to a big mall and for hours looked hi and low with no luck. Finally at Motivi we found a cropped, elegant cardi and at this point my friend decided to "settle". So I bought it for her. It was late, we were tired and hungry, but I suggested to pop in quickly, just for the sake of it, in the nearby Carrera store. Carrera sells casual wear, jeans, plaid shirts and such. We enter and what do we see? The perfect cardigan in front of us! Aaargh! I thought of Angie and of her rule. I told my friend: lesson learnt! In the future we will look in all the stores and only then we will decide!