Spring 2019 update

Yikes! This post is hard proof that I have not been working out enough since arriving in Berlin. Look at the date, and I’m just getting around to buying these shoes. I do stuff at home, but yeah, working out outside is a thing too, or at least it should be.

I tried on a million (ok, approx 10) pairs of shoes this afternoon, did a second round with half of them, and brought home the two pairs in photo 1 to decide. They are both very well cushioned—better than the Nike Court Royals (pic 2) I tried on, they are easier to put on than the “sock” design shoes I tried (nearly impossible to put on), and they don’t rub or hit my foot in funny places like some of the others.

Pink: https://www.eschuhe.de/schuhe-.....gKgsvD_BwE
White: https://www.amazon.de/K-Swiss-.....#038;psc=1

Both pairs are actual athletic shoes, not fashion models, that I could wear for sports. The white ones are tennis shoes, so they have a broad base of support. The pink ones are for training and weigh less.

A side use is wearing them as fashion shoes, though probably mostly with shorts. I *think* I’m coming around to pink, but am not sure. A lot of my workout gear has periwinkle in it. This pink, however is not as pink as the pink in pic 2. I’m not getting the shoes in pic 2, because they don’t have as much cushioning and because they hit my (non-alluring) ankle bone weirdly, but I like that color. The shoes I’m considering are sort of between pink and clay. Up front, where there’s just a bit of it, the color looks pink, but further back you get a better look at it. Maybe “salmon” the right word.

The uses in the original post still stand and are what I need shoes to do. Additionally, I plan to start working out at a playground near where we live, and need shoes for that.

Advice and comments, please!

Original post

I need a pair of sneakers. Just one. I recently purged a pair of running shoes, because I don't run, and a pair of Sperrys that hurt my back. I want to find something to replace them both.

These shoes will be worn:
to/from yoga (with yoga gear)
while weight-lifting (serious weight-lifting shoes have a slightly higher heel, but I'm not super serious)
for occasional hoop-shooting with my son
with skirts, shorts and pants as casual fun shoes. 

ETA: Most of the athletic-type things I'd use these for actually don't
require serious athletic footwear, just something that's generally
well-cushioned and supportive. When I say "shooting" basketball, that's literally all I mean--standing there, taking shots. Actually playing against him would be silly at this point, between his skill and his size and mine.

ETA #2 For now, I have exactly 2 pairs of shoes, until the rest of our things arrive Sept 18 and early October. 

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