The Spiegel!! I have to browse Spiegel now.

Tulle - just perusing this thread again and noticed your comment . For me , that dress is too much for summer and not enough for winter . It looks best with a bare leg or at most, a micro fishnet stocking . So , that leaves a window of about 6 weeks where I would wear it . Really a dumb purchase on my part - and I paid full price for it ! ( well , NAS price, but buy the time I factored in exchange and other costs , I don't even want to think about what it really costs ! ) What the heck do we do with this dress??

It can work as a tunic. Not that I have worn mine that way, but I did try it on that way and it looked really good. Might work with crops underneath, too -- actually.

I have only worn my Vince dress twice so far...but I know I will wear it again in the early autumn to a couple of events. And the following autumn as well. And maybe the one after that, too.

I don't consider that a fail. Yes, it cost a fair bit, but my "fancier" dresses are all like that. I tend to get them on sale (as I did this one, at NAS) and keep them for about five years, and even so, their cost per wear remains high. But so what? I have something in my closet to wear when I need it and I feel great in it.

Believe me -- I have been that woman who has nothing to wear for the event she's invited to or has to attend, and it is not good, and you waste more money (and time) in the fruitless search for something at the last minute.

For me, it's more -- do I have too many of these fancy dresses? If so, that's a problem. But if I have one or two to choose from for any type of temperature condition, then that seems reasonable, given my casual life that still includes some more dressy events.

Sorry for the threadjack, Marianna!

I have been on YLF for just over a year now and I have 2 lemmings purchases. A JCrew plaid shirt, which although I wear, I should have known it was not really my style, I always feel a bit off in it although I love the colour combination and the feel of the fabric. The other purchase was Angie's brilliant JCrew tweed jacket and that has been a huge success, I love it and it works in my casual and work wardrobes - the holy grail of versatility for me. So my lesson is to stay true to my instincts and only buy those items that I know will work, or go for an inexpensive experiment when trying a new trend.