I certainly do remember Maya often!!
Unsurprisingly, being in Australia, I've never bought a lemming item or an Angie find, though some of those above look familiar to me.
And thanks to Suz, I do have the halogen seamed skirt and a BR button down, which I think might have been a lemming item.

Wow, memories. Those sandals spread like wildfire.
I got a knock off version of the striped tube skirt.
I think the Petty boots never quite worked for me stylistically. I got rid of them after very little wear.

I have been a YLF member for two years now (actually probably 2.5 but I got off to a slow start). I have had some influence from YLF but have not bought directly.

However I do have a Bailey 44 dress Which I don't wear often as it is very va va voom but occasionally it is perfect.

I learned about Cereve products through YLF, and still use them. The first lemming item was the Canadian Tire white leather belt. I developed a HEWI for white jeans that took a year to fill due to my reluctance to be an online shopper. Twinned TransconaSharon's leapord pencil skirt from Sears (loved that skirt!). This summer two Ann Taylor products, a navy medallion shirt and the kick crops made it into my closet.

Carla -I was thinking of you today in fact. You'll be happy to hear Canadian Tire has their belts on sale right now for 25% off.

I have quite a few lemming items I must say.. The spiegel jacket was one of my first purchase and sorry to say it has rarely been worn, I like it but the fit isn't great

The only lemming item I bought and kept is the tube skirt and I wear it often. I had it in a cobalt blue but it wasn't the right size and I sold it to Sona.

I particularly remember is the Hinge red tweed jacket. It sold out very quickly but I don't remember a lot of WIWs featuring it.

When I lurked, the forum was experimenting with cropped leggings, long tunics, fitted denim and knotted pearls. Frequent forum members that come to mind are Tanya and Anne (who are still around!), Maya and her long post on bras, Patience, Sandy.

I remember the Bailey dress and okalas being really popular around time I joined.

The only Angie pick I own that I can think of is Sole Society Emmas. Not sure if they were a lemming. Oh one more. I have the Zella capris.

Hey, columbine, I have the Emmas. They're the most comfortable heels I've ever owned.

I remember the Clarks Brulees, although I didn't buy them. Clarks don't fit my feet. I also still wear the Halogen seamed pencil skirts.
When I joined I remember many buying Frye boots and Doc Martins. The Frye Veronica's and Harness Boots seemed especially popular. The styles were more tailored...lots of button-down woven shirts and Chanel-esque jackets and bags and ballet flats, especially with cap toes.

Very fun, Donna! They're my favorite dressy shoe I own.

I forgot about the Frye Veronica's. Oh boy I wanted those.

I do have one or two ...or three... Of the Vince tube skirts. I love those.

Wow, what a trip down memory lane!

My best lemmings were the Sears leather jacket, Okalas (2 pairs), and the Kut Diana skinnies, of which I have many pairs in different colors. Plus the late very lamented Karen Kane sleeveless black jersey dress with tiers and asymmetric hem. Left that one in my hotel room in Virginia Beach where I was attending a conference. I only realized it was missing 24 hours later when I was at home, but by then it had gone awol from the hotel room. Sob. I still miss that dress. It had a magical fit.

Early on I lemming'd the Halogen seamed penci skirt--I had four at one time!--but ditched them pretty quickly; they're just not my style. I also have the Vince b&w tube skirt, but that one may be headed for the chop since I just don't wear it. The Bailey 44 bodycon number remains in my closet, though I haven't worn it in ages. I still like it and DH really likes it, so it's a keeper. I think Janet, Natalie, Kari, Shannon, and Una all had versions of that one too.

Oh oh, I just remembered one of my very favorite lemmings, the Cole Hahn metallic finish oxfords. I have two pairs, the blue and the cranberry, and they get heavy wear every F/W. Wish I'd bought them in silver too.

The Freebird Quails are my recent lemming. The jury is still out on those (bought both the tan and black versions to see which plays better w/my wardrobe) since they run wide on me and I'd need to have new holes punched in all the straps.

Correction...Spiegel not Sears jacket

I didn't shop in the same stores, so I never owned a lemming item. But I sure recognise a lot of them in this thread! It's fun.

What a fun trip down memory lane! Lack of access has prevented me from joining every bandwagon mentioned, but my Okalas still have pride of place in my closet and my white Kut jeans are my favorite pair. And I am sure there are others I am forgetting.

Oh, what fun!
My think my first lemming items were the Gap mesh 3/4 sleeved sweaters and the Leith silky track pants. I still have them (well, still have one of two of the sweaters) but they don't see a lot of wear anymore.

My big lemming regret was the Spiegel jacket. Still kick myslef when ever anyone posts it. I think I was still a lemming in training at that point.

Since then, I seriously think I have become YLF's biggest lemming. I love being able to copy, sorry, be inspired by, people that I won't run into (I'd never run out and buy something a IRL friend has). With such limited shopping options, it's really helpful.... esp once you know who has a similar body type and/or size and/or overall aesthetic. I've even lemminged a couple of Motto pieces from Australia via Deborah!

VC tube skirts, skirted leggings, Ecco sneakers, Freebirds, EF draped front dress, EF harems, Vince silk dress, Zella capris, Plione split neck blouse, pleather shorts, AG Nikki's, Okala's...... okay, I'll stop now.

And the latest is on it's way...

Such fun memories! Love it.

Elpgal, I remember those forum members too. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh and that Hinge jacket! I think that was my first NAS on the forum.

Joy, yes! I remember the more Chanel-esque looks too. Still love that style.

Oh, Elizabeth, we may be top triplets...though it probably won't work for me (neckline) I am trying it out to see.

I think I'm a huge lemming, too. I just saw a few more of my own on your list...Ecco sneakers, Vince silk dress...

Very fun memories. Love the lemming.

*happy sigh and chuckles*

Lots of incredible Fabbers still on YLF after almost 10 years like you Marianna. Tanya, Anna, Shevia, Inge, RoseandJoan and Laura also come to mind - they have been on YLF for about 10 years too. The loyalty means soooo much to me. Fun memories are so very important. There is no substitute.

Oh, the Hinge red tweed jacket from NAS 2010I still have mine but don't often wear it these days.

I remember as NAS was winding down that year, a YLF-er was looking for that jacket in a specific size. I had one but was getting ready to return it so I offered to send it to her instead. When Debora gave me her mailing address we discovered we lived on opposite sides of the same city! We ended up having a truly delightful shopping day and lunch together.

Oh geez, yes, I lemminged the Vince silk dress and wore it once . What is wrong with me ?

Oh my gosh, this is SO much fun. Great thread!!

My all-time favorite lemming item was the Nine West Magic Dress. It was absolutely amazing how it managed to look incredible on everyone. I reluctantly had to discard mine when it pilled on the hips. For jersey to pill, you know it's had many, many wearings. Which it did.

Does anyone remember the Me Too ballet flats with the cap toes, a la Chanel? I went through MANY pairs of Me Too's!

Oh! I just noticed that An and Marianna mentioned the Me Too flats. I loved that whole Chanel-esque phase of YLF.

This is a fun thread as I remember many of these items. The bizarre thing is that I don't think I have a single lemming item. I'm not sure why - my style is pretty similar to a lot of Fabbers. I think I've just never been on the same page at the same time - I've been on a shopping budget or on a thrift store streak when something is hot on the forum.

LisaP, I was just about to bring up the Vince silk shirtdress, and the fact that I've worn mine just once! I felt wonderful in it, though, and surely will wear it again--I think. I bought it because it seemed like a potential lifesaver--the sort of thing you could throw into a suitcase at a moment's notice, and look appropriate at a business meeting, a wedding, or a funeral. Hmm...maybe that's why we haven't worn it? Would love to hear from others who bought that dress .

I have been around for 5 years or so and remember the Bailey dress!
Being in Australia I have been tempted by a few items, but only bought I thing which was a white denim jacket from Nordstrom.
Alas it didn't fit and postage return was too pricey. I ended up selling it on Ebay
A fun read bringing back lots of good memories!

For me it was the VC tube skirts...finally donated after they pilled. And a pair of the calf hair SE Okalas. I love them, but they don't love me back. Can only wear them when I will be sitting as opposed to walking or standing.

I've not been much of a lemming but when I first joined the Gap had cute-patterned 'BF' fit button downs that were fairly popular. I ended up with two, and loved one of them dearly (the beetle pattern was very me). I don't wear them anymore for no real reason.
I still find watching certain items wax and wane on the forum very instructional. It's helped me figure out I don't need/want to struggle with items just because they are trendy. There might be a striped tube skirt out there that flatters my wide hips and narrow knees, but I personally don't want to try on half a dozen versions to find that magic one. Made a similar decision about kick crops when I realized fit would be difficult. I also have a pattern of short love affairs, not long devotion, so I don't need to buy a lot of stuff at any given time or overdose on a particular look.

I have been on YLF for 2 years 6 months. I just checked. No lemming items. But that is me. I do want a pair of Freebird Quails and Cayanne Sandals. Not that I can wear them. But I can look at them.