So, as a musician and music therapist, a guitar strap purse is a must have for me. The only problem? Most of the bags are cute and petite, and I really need a larger bag. Not only that, the best straps are from lines like Marc Jacobs, Patricia Nash, and Rebecca Minkhoff -- wonderful, but out of my budget.


I have an older black bag with a strap that is looking ancient. I have ordered the following honest-to-goodness guitar strap from Amazon:;psc=1

I also ordered a few small round carabiners.;psc=1

Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube I have the plans, and I intend to DIY! If I'm successful, I might branch out and actually bedazzle a black strap with studs to mimic one of the Rebecca Minkhoff straps.

I'll let you know how it goes........ Loved the post, Angie!