Like many forum members, I'm at the "assessment of my wardrobe for the new year" stage. I'm itching to buy some lighter-colored denim, but I am budget-conscious because I have been stocking up on the unusual abundance of nice affordable woolen items this year and have bought a lot of items which typically last me 5+ years.

So, the issue at hand.... I have a few pieces of decent dark denim of which I like the cut. But don't end up wearing them very much because I find that I have a hard time layering them to make them warmer. And when the weather is warmer I don't need quite so many dark items. However, these are all items that I consider FFBO for everything except deep winter, and it took me a few years of occasional shopping to find these particular items which fit me well off-the-rack.

So, with this long preamble, has anyone had good success with bleaching denim? Any tips? Should I try this? Also all of it has a little bit of spandex, which makes me twice as nervous about bleach.
Yay or Nay?