I love florals, but don't have many ditsy florals and classified myself as a NAY. However I do have some pieces, which need to have a slightly edgy feel to counteract the potential twee vibe of the ditsy floral pattern.

These are the ditsy florals in my wardrobe:

  • My floral Doc Marten boots are a forever piece - they will be in my wardrobe until they wear out. I love them and feel they add edge to my outfits.
  • The floral skirt and blouse - the bias cut on the skirt of this two piece dress makes it feel streamlined to counteract the twee print. The fact that it is a black background adds sophistication.
  • Pleat skirt - this one had me with the colours and tiger stripes. Add tiger stripes and it is a siren call to me.
  • Red dress - I wear this dress in summer because it is cool and comfortable to wear but I don't love it, mainly because of the ditsy print. I consider this purchase a failure - I am keeping it to wear because it is practical, but I could do better.
I love how Angie poses these questions to us to help us understand our style preferences and not make wardrobe mistakes. For me, if I am going to entertain buying a ditsy floral, I need to make sure that it has some element of edge and fits within my general style sensibility.