I looked back at my late December/early January posts and I didn’t actually write any goals. I was all about the numbers.
I think a unspoken goal was to reduce the size of my wardrobe still. The main reason was the promise I made to DH that I would not expand to his side of the new walk-in-wardrobe. The new wardrobe is large and I felt there should be no need at all to overflow it. And the expansion of my wardrobe in the old house to take over parts of 3 different bedrooms ( out of 4!) was quite embarrassing to me.
I want you to know I am not trying or meaning to be holier-than-thou about this. It was a personal feeling of sort of drowning in clothes! Can anyone relate?
And I would think about Angie’s wardrobe which is so pretty and functional and would know that mine was bigger but not like that!
So after these first 6 months, and all my hard emotional work of editing even some really sentimental pieces, I think the numbers are only down by two, to 175! The holding zone ( not counted in numbers at least) is smaller and all tucked away in our current wardrobe except for the dress-ups (that’s kooky dress-ups like outrageous hippy stuff, long feather boas and the like.) Kind of more “ordinary” dress-ups like items that can be modified for the 1920s capsule are still in the main wardrobe.
So do I need some actual goals re my style? It did help to edit one pinafore that I decided looked a very boring grey by going “Would a sassy shoemaker’s elf wear this” and deciding No, because it was much too boring!
Speaking of which, I was thrilled to find in the storage room, the fairy tales children’s book which I thought I had given away! It hadn’t been, after all, and there were the lovely pics I remembered! Made me happy

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