So it's that time of year again... when I start obsessing over black boots with gold zippers. I never did find any that I liked last year.

Anyway, the new crop of knee high boots has just about made it to all the stores, so here are a few I've collected. Any opinions or particular favorites that you think I should try? Or if you've seen anything you think I might like that isn't in this collection yet, please let me know! I'm specifically looking for black leather (not suede), gold zippers, 15" calf circumference, ~16" shaft height, heel no higher than 2", and skinny ankles.

A couple of notes

--The Jimmy Choos are the holy grail. He makes a pair of gold zippered boots seemingly every year. Unfortunately they would need to be reduced by 70% for me to consider them.

--The Steve Maddens were at NAS. I think SM shoes are poor quality for the price so I will not consider these unless they are heavily discounted.

--What do we think of the quilted style? It seems to be popular this time around.

--The Dibas are OTK boots, which I do not think I want, but I collected them anyway just for variety.