After reading Angie’s post this morning and putting away a couple of laundry items, I did a quick look in my closet to see exactly how much I duplicate. This doesn’t count things like workout wear, underwear or sleepwear, but yeah, I apparently have a habit of this!

1) Boden V neck sweater in two colors - blue is more frequently worn but I like the green too.
2) Madewell V neck tee in (gulp) 7 colors. I stocked up during a sale so this includes a rust color that looked more red online — it’s not my best but it does go with my wardrobe and it was all of $10 on sale so I kept it. I’ve repeated the black and white versions but this may be the last time I get their white tee — they’ve changed the country of manufacturing and the fabric is thinner, so that shirt is going into my sleepwear capsule.
3) Calvin Klein tencel summer button front shirts. These are old and this is likely their last summer, or I may put them in the ranch wear bag. But I wore the heck out of them.
4) Anthro gauzy tops in white and black — good warm weather essentials and I wear both but the black a little more.
5) Ancient (9 years maybe?) Alexander Wang knit tops in white and raisin. Have worn like iron. I thin I’ve worn them equally.
6) Athleta Brooklyn pants in plaid and black — warm weather essentials. Black gets a little more wear but both are favorites.
7) Jag shorts in blue and olive. Worn equally.
8) I don’t have as many Jean duplicates as I thought anymore. Lucky Sweet Straights are several years old but still worn. AG Harper straights I also have in blue as well as black and grey. Essentials that I do well to duplicate as they are classic and not trendy.
9) Ripskirts in three patterns — the black and white is the most worn but I like and wear them all.
10) My only duplicate shoes now, other than my running shoes. Naturalizer Makayla sneakers in rose gold and reptile.
11) Aimee Kestenberg backpack bag in cobalt blue, reptile, and dark teal. The second two are recent acquisitions because I realized how much I have come to rely on backpack styles, and I’m using them all!

It seems I’m likely to duplicate essentials especially in neutrals of black, white and gray. Also my duplicates don’t tend to be expensive items — the jeans are the most expensive and jeans last me many years. If something is available in one of my shades of blue or teal, that’s always a good bet too. I tend to use my duplicates pretty well — not totally evenly but I’d say I’ve rarely regretted duplicating.

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