I'm sure there must have been a post about this somewhere, but how do you define completers vs statements? Is it number of "points" to be considered a statement (color, pattern, detail, etc)? So, hot pink bell sleeve blouse as statement v olive tunic as completer?

Is it a statement only if it reflects how you want to define your style right now? Or, anything thats a departure from the usual-memorable, the compliment magnets?

I'm wondering about things I have that would look more correct on a different style type or coloring (small but high value contrast florals for example) but are memorable. Now I'm wondering if they skew too Ingenue-which I'm definitely not.

Maybe I should be more discerning when buying statementy things to make sure they're really true to me.

The point of all this is that I listed out my wardrobe and am trying to see where I'm over or under represented, to make better decisions this year.