Hi again! Posting twice in one day!

I have sent back the majority of the shoes I ordered but these two remain. I can't get the finds to work on the DSW pair, but here they are:


My question is: how would you decide between these two? Styles are almost the same. They are both as comfortable as the other, and their pricing is close enough to not make it be a deciding factor. I have mostly navy for spring and white/ khaki in the summer, but have recently purchased white cropped jeans and a teal colored top and skirt to expand my wardrobe choices. How do you decide?

The Franco Sartos are tan with a yellow undertone, almost mustard in some lights and they have a zipper in the back and a gold tip on the end of the laces.

The Topshop shoes are a deeper brown, with mostly a chocolate tone (although I saw a bit of gold in there two depending on the lighting). They also have that tassel

I would be interested to hear how you make decisions