I’m not sure I noticed this Talbot’s sweater initially this season, but if I had immsure the rhinestone embellishments at the neckline would have turned me away.
I saw it in store recently, on sale of course. Earlier this year I got some burgundy trousers , and also got more interested in having more of my favorite berry-toned colors, and softer versions of these colors, in my wardrobe instead of the sea of black and gray ( see Style Goals).
I usually avoid print sweaters except less expensive cotton ones, but this mix of colors is very good for me and al for some reason the plaid- type print looks better than the paisleys and other prints.
So I looked closely at the embellishment and saw that the rhinestone thingies were sewn on with thread that has some ease in it, and not all the way through the cashmere knit, meaning, it did not look like it would tear up the sweater to remove them.

So, that’s what I did. Other than being tedious ( there are 2 rows of this beading around the entire neckline), it was very easy and the sweater is fine underneath.
So, now I have an un- embellished sweater in favorite colors that goes with many bottoms, including combinations that give a tonal color look!
I don’t plan to make a habit of this but it’s interesting to consider. The knit and the print make it more likely for sewing- removal to be unnoticeable.