If you remember from my previous post I discovered a defect in my beloved Danier dove grey satchel. Today I dropped by the Danier store to see if something can be done about it.
The SA was very nice, suggested to leave the bag so she can send it to the alterations team to see if it can be fixed (they are not available anymore). I hope they can fix it because I love that bag!
Well, they also had 50% of all jackets sale today - and 50% of the latest price. Could I leave the store without checking if there is any treasure for me? Of course not - my iron will disappears when I enter the Danier store
There were some jackets in nice colors - blush pink, pale lilac, pastel blue - but none of them vowed me with the fit and the leather was heavier than I like for the indoor jackets. I was almost ready to leave when my eye caught this one: Winona jacket. I tried on a black one (the same ElizabethP got some time ago) but the chemistry was not there...and then I saw that it also comes in grey so I tried it too.
For some reason the grey one spoke to me like the black one could not. M was too big and XS was a bit tight in the sleeves but they did not have S.
Well, long story short - SA is ordering the grey one for me in S. The 50% sale ends today so I thought - why not? It is lightweight, very soft leather and it is long enough for me! I like this grey color too although grey is not my best neutral. This is the only hesitation I have - will it work in my closet and be JFE for me color-wise. On the other hand the dark grey Trouve long gilet was a brilliant addition for me so there may be a redemption for grey color yet?
Just in case you want to see what should it work with:
- my cold weather capsule;
- my all-season capsule which also need to work with this jacket.

So please put me straight - do you see this as a good addition for me? I think my frugal part (whatever is still left of it) requires some enabling here

PS: still cannot add finds from Danier - arrggh!