I am coming to the realization that I'm not made for dainty flats. (By "dainty" I mean sleek and with a fairly thin sole). It is sad, because there are some I really like. I've been seeing pointy-toe ankle strap sandals a lot these days, and they really appeal to me, but give the trouble I've been having with styling my "dainty" oxfords makes me think I should steer clear. I have to be so careful with proportions when I wear them -- get it wrong, and I look really top-heavy. On the other hand, I can throw on a pair of chunky-heeled shoes, or even chunky flats, with just about anything and the proportions are almost always right.

Maybe this is part of the reason I enjoyed 90s fashion so much: my figure worked better with the chunky-soled footwear that was so ubiquitous in that decade!

What kinds of things are you attracted to that fight will your body shape?