Angie had some great picks, and I had had my eye on some and they arrived, with mixed results.

I tried the denim shirtdress because it looked like it might be pear-friendly, but somehow it just did not fit right. It is a substantial denim, and dark, so though not dressy, does look neat and refined. Too bad.
I perseverated on these windowpane pants because the skirt worked great and the fabric is very interesting, thick with a bit of stretch, like a windowpane ponte almost. But the cut is wrong for me.

Next the camel blazer because I like this type of reverse collar. Runs big so I would have to try the next size down, and I can't quite tell if that will fit the way I want it to look. Undecided about effort to do that.

Birdseye blazer appears to be a style I like, slightly longer for pants. However, when both it and the camel appeared as "new arrivals", there was only one size listed for each! Then more sizes appeared for camel, then more for birdseye, days later. Weird. When I asked why there was only one size left at the beginning of the run, the SA said, "because that is the only size in stock ". Anyhoo now it is in stock, but I missed out on it with my earlier order so am not ready to consider it until I have the other items sorted and returned.

Leopard T--I should probably stick to "real" (!) leopard (colors ) but I really love the colors in this T and the smallish print--the pinkish tone is face-flattering with the black, but is not actually overtly pink. I'm a bit between two Regular sizes; maybe should have tried a petite, so haven't decided which size. Don't like any pulling, but neckline is more gappin in larger size.

Two-piece "dress"--has not yet arrived. Trying because actual dresses with sleeves are so hard, and pencil skirts tend to work but don't always want a separates or officey look. Polyester, though.