I am glad that they resolved the problem, I agree that customer service in the US is the best. I am just back from returning a pair of shoes at Nordies. The SA was the best. I returned a beautiful pair of animal print flats with pointy toe that I had only worn at home and it showed on the soles. The tips got all worn out and I had not even worn them outside yet. He gave excellent customer service, was very professional and gave me a refund. I have to add a shout-out for Nordies, no wonder why it is my favorite store.

I have to add LL Bean to the list of outstanding customer service. Not only have I ALWAYS encountered a live representative (never an automated menu) but they have been able to answer item questions as well.

I would not expect good customer service in many parts of the world but I'm a bit surprised to hear that it's not so good in the Netherlands or the UK. As others have said Nordstrom, LLBean, and many other US businesses have great customer service. Every business makes a conscious decision about what level of customer service they are going to provide, or if they don't then that's a choice in itself, and the bar is set pretty high in the US.

My husband is always appalled by the customer service in Canada, especially now that he travels to the US more frequently. It really is done well in the States!

Here in Canada we have a slogan: We aren't happy until you're unhappy.

Kidding. But my husb , who works for our national airline, often sardonically quotes this one as their customer service motto.

Heh about Canada's slogan. Customer service is so totally different in Israel. On the one hand everyone talks to each other as equals so there is no American decorum in interactions between customers and employees. People are much more willing to bend rules and work out solutions together. BUT when international companies train Israelis, which is happening more and more, you get this incredibly bizarre form of customer service that is so unnatural and poorly executed. The reps will keep repeating catch phrases they were taught and smile too much. And never break the rules. So unnatural in the environment!

that's great, Angie! It's so nice; we are spoiled, aren't we?
I can't get past the sandals, though. For the non-sandal-wearing gal we know and love. Maybe they're not really sandals--they just look like sandals, right?

I have to make a stand for customer service in the UK. Maybe I'm just lucky, but any issues I've had have always been dealt with promptly and courteously.
Generally, I shop with the larger, well-known retailers such as John Lewis, M&S and Debenhams, plus one or two family-run stores, both online and in-store. All have excellent customer service hard-wired into them, which is probably why I return to them time and time again.

On the flip side of the coin, CSR's are so under appreciated and are usually a very low level and low paid position within a company. I always thought that was so strange considering how important these people are to an organization's image.

Summer, I love John Lewis too. I'm glad you're getting great service in the UK.

Marianna, so true. And what a shame.

Jaime, that's interesting and quite funny.

Firecracker, I know! I hope to keep one pair of sandals and wear them in our glorious weather.

Lisa, perhaps I need more tea but I don't get the slogan.

I've also had good customer service from Zappos. And just this week I ordered some tops from Ann Taylor, they came the next day (did not pay for special shipping), too big, the replacements should be here today. I generally don't like internet shopping because of the returns hassle, but it's definitely more tempting when you know the returns are easier.

This thread has been so interesting to me. I knew that customer service could vary from retailer to retailer, but I never knew it varied by country. Why would that be? It just seems like good business sense to provide the best service to one's customers. Customer loyalty and good word-of-mouth can make or break a business, no matter what country it's in. I am puzzled.

Maybe the UPS person has a thing for white sandals too. Check him or her out the next time they deliver. LOL That has become the new thing to do, follow the UPS truck and see what the neighbors are having delivered, and it may fit you. bummer. I have them sent to my office.

Oh, Xtabay. It varies greatly from country to country, and depends very much on the culture. Mind blowingly so. The customer service in Japan and Hong Kong is extremely good too.

That is fascinating to me, for some reason. It seems the consumer is a more revered entity in some countries than in others. Maybe it has something to do with a population's ability to tolerate or accept something that's unsatisfactory. I guess if customers will tolerate being treated badly, the retailer gets the message that it's okay to conduct business this way, and carries on accordingly. They wouldn't be in business long where I live!

Lol Lisa - I havent flown that particular airline in some time, but I'm on the phone with our major phone company right now, and through no fault of the lovely CSR I'm dealing with, they seem to have adopted the same motto!! The cable company too!
Xtbay, I think in many cases it's a lack of choice that allows companies to get away with things ... Competition is (generally) good for the consumer, as they say

You're right on, torontogirl. When you're the only phone company in town, just treat everyone like they don't matter, because they don't. We used to have one cable company here in Austin, and they were awful. Then another one moved to town and they went into crisis mode trying to hold on to all their disgruntled customers. That was about 20 years ago, and they're still trying to climb back. Hurrah for competition in the marketplace!

Angie - it's pure sarcasm . Air Canada is consistently voted the best airline in North America . It's just an internal joke they use to acknowledge that nothing ticks people off more than bad airline service .

That's good to hear, lisap. I have flown Air Canada before, and never had any problems. Now American Airlines on the other hand...don't get me started!