Now that many more retailers are FINALLY offering extended sizes, I've been able to include larger sized models as visual illustrations in my blog posts. I LOVE that.

What I'm finding annoying is that 90% of the plus sized models are styled with high heels in their stock photos. Three to four inch pumps, sandals or boots. I'm not sure why that's different to regular sized models who are often styled in flats and low heels because that's what modern fashion and life is all about. It should be the same for models of all sizes. We need to see an assortment of footwear on the feet of all models - from sneakers to high heels and everything in-between.

Anyway, if I'm not illustrating a blog post with a range of extended size models it's probably because I can't find a representation of a model wearing realistic footwear. I hope this is just a phase and that things will change.

On a positive note, I'm THRILLED WITH EXTENDED SIZES! The fashion world DID something concrete about inclusion and diversity this year, and that's a step in the right direction. I don't want us to forget about that.