Hi all

I now have quite a few bottoms in my wardrobe that have the newer, wider silhouette (A line skirts, culottes, cropped wider leg jeans), and a higher rise. I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I cannot find shorter tops to go with them. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Here in Australia, culottes are widely available in the shops, and I am seeing quite a few people wearing them. But the tops being offered are still largely the longer style to-go-with-skinnies type tops. Most people seem to have solved the problem by tucking but I have some problems with that:

1. I am not a keen tucker at the best of times.

2. It is getting too warm to tuck.

3. My culottes and my Monki shorts (shown in Finds) both have an elastic waist at the back so tucking in at the back is not a great look.

I don't mind semi tucking but that can be problematic with longer tops.

I am trying to put together a capsule for an upcoming holiday (yay!) and I wanted to take either my Monki shorts or a similar pair from Witchery and some A line skorts for casual wear/hiking.

So I decided to shorten the Piper top shown below. I did this myself as proof of concept. It previously sat at the top of my thigh and I shortened it to upper hip. This seems to be the sweet spot because it shows the curve of your hip and gives a hint of waist definition. I can still lift my arms without midriff showing. It does look much better with my shorts and my culottes.

Buoyed by this I am going to get a tailor to shorten the Gestuz top and Witchery top shown below, and a Zara top (not shown).

What do people think? Has anyone else done this - with regrets/no regrets? Any other ideas?