The turquoise ones are amazing!

Love the turquoise pair. I went to Nashville last December and loved all the cowboy boots there. Tried a few pairs on but had trouble with them slipping on my heels so didn't come home with a pair. Such beautiful workmanship.

I agree with K Period.

They would fit right in around here. I'm an anomaly since I don't own a pair. I like the turquoise ones best.

I have a pair of Ariats and they were amazingly comfortable from the beginning. I need a lot of arch support.

well im late to the party---but hell yeah! love those boots (turq) I had a pair of black boots with heavy decorative purple and red stitching in the 80s that I wore to death.....loved those boots so much!I still miss them.....the best is even the most basic outfit is a lot of fun with cool boots.

I'm late but I'd get the turquoise if you like them - very fun! I've learned after many, many years in Texas, that cowboy boots can do a lot of things regular shoes cannot. They can keep you from getting chiggers for one thing - and there is no shortage of chiggers in the Texas grass. They can help protect you from snake bites, they allow you to go pretty much anyplace in style because they are classic. And here in Texas, they are most definitely acceptable worn with shorts, dresses and all other types of outfits.

did you get them??? I agree you should get them and I think you will wear them. Esp. those turquoise. they will work with your boho side.

Late to reply as well, but I too hope you decided to get them, Anna. They are a classic, and these turquoise ones are extra fab!

So while visiting Dad I stopped by a place called Boot Barn. Much bigger selection, but nothing that appealed to me.
Looked briefly online, more eh
Stopped back on the way home; got there 1/2 hr before closing. My size was still there. Tried them on again, and got them
Now to figure out how to style. Currently thinking my wide cropped pants from the Gap, need to hem them a bit more
Bonus, got a pic of their cat

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Aw kitty!

I’m glad you got them, and I like the creative idea of them with those cropped pants — Hope to see them in action soon!