Angie or Greg,
How would you guys feel if we had a running thread for listing referral coupon codes we've received from retailers? I'm noticing it is becoming a common practice for retailers to give a "refer a friend" code at the end of a transaction. The codes benefit both the referer and the friend. I've gotten a few of these while shopping from some shops we talk about quite a bit here, but I haven't shared them because I questioned if the fact that I'd be getting a kickback made it inappropriate.

Last night I got one from Grana, and realized that I had searched for a code for myself before I placed my order and couldn't find one, so I was compelled to share the one I got, in case anyone else has been on the fence about trying that company.

Maybe the code thread could go in Style Exchange? If you think it's an okay idea at all. If you don't like the idea of a running thread, would it be considered uncouth to just throw the code out there in a K/R post? Please share your thoughts:)