I've been considering more casual non-jeans bottoms for my work at home lifestyle and found these items to be contenders. I notice that I don't really wear some of my jeans other than in dead winter because some of them are quite heavy to wear any other time of year. Not to mention I get bored wearing jeans all the time.So, that led me to look for some non-shorts, non-jeans options.

The loft olive pants I have already purchased, they are super soft and flattering.The BR pants are a maybe I don't have them yet. Both seem to be great for comfort, easy care and similar to jeans without being constricting or too thick for my warm climate. The skort is also a maybe - I have not worn it yet and am trying to decide if I should keep it or not. It fits well and looks fine but it is a little prone to wrinkles and the material is synthetic which is usually not my choice. I love that I could wear a skirt with no fear of flashing - something I just don't tolerate at all.

I almost forgot one other item that I'm considering is a pair of white twill EF pants. Much more expensive than I usually care for, but the reviews are tempting.

Just sharing some thoughts.

ETA: So I've worn the loft pants at least 3 times already and LOVE them. They are soft, mostly cotton, wash extremely well (I only dry for a few mins. on delicate, then let air dry to finish and they don't even wrinkle!). I like them so much I ordered another pair in blue. Yay for non-jean bottoms! I should add that they are not as tight at the ankle as they look on the model.

Also, the EF white twill pants are nice. I'm on the fence due to the price however. I've never paid that much for a pair of pants. They fit well, look good and all but the price makes me wonder if I can find something similar for less than half. I have tried a few others already and they were mostly too thick for my warm climate.

The BR pants fit well and looked great but they are just too thick for my climate so back they go!