Up until now I've worn jeans almost every day of my life for about 25 years.
Lately though, I'm finding TRACK PANTS way better for my casual life, and find that they are actually a little bit cooler than jeans for kid pickup, bike rides, sport sidelines, and to-from the gym. I'm also really into all the nice running shoes. There also seems to be a lot of innovation in fabrics on the sporty luxe side of things that kind of get me excited.

I still like jeans for city type activities like grocery shopping, casual restaurants, and walking around on concrete (sorry I dont have a better example of what I mean by this but it happens a lot!).

For work, I've been wearing white jeans and trousers exclusively and love the dressier feel of it. I want to ween myself off jeans for work. MsMary and others have inspired me to go the cropped trousers-plus-heels route and I'm loving the professional and put-together feel of these outfits.

I never thought I'd say this, but it's possible that there will be much less room in my closet for jeans going forward. Talk about major growth (although admittedly, growth into track pants might be considered regression ! I do consider it growth as I wouldn't have considered them in the past.)

What about you? Have you gone off jeans or another wardrobe staple recently? Do you find yourself moving to sportier looks or dressier looks?