Suz, you inspired me to order the LLBean top in navy with white stripes, and off white with red and navy stripes. And a navy-with-white-stripes hoodie! Boom!!

I agree with Angie, Signature Style.

Perfect piece for you, a true essential because it looks like you might struggle to get dressed without a few stripes

It seems that we share more than love of blue color and Ecco/silver sandals!

LOVE that pic of you on the ferry (in my neck of the woods too). LOVE the neon pink.

A great collection of striped tops!

Thanks, all! And Angie, yes, I'm on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver there, last summer. And isn't that scarf fun!

Mary, I just ordered a new LLBean (mine was showing wear) and the white on blue version! Can't wait to see your hoodie and am intrigued by that idea!

Thanks for the LLBean info, Suz. I remember that fabulous photo of you very well! I'll have to check out the Bean offerings--haven't looked at their site for awhile. I do have one heavier weight marinere, but it could never be described as fluid! I'd love to have a comfy one for exactly the situations you describe.

I love that ferry photo. It reminds me of home. You are unquestionably fab in stripes, Suz!

I like your stripes, and the way you often wear them half-tucked and with light colored booties. To me, that combo is your signature look.

I admit I am mystified by the notion that striped tee = preppy.