Suz's taupe discovery plus Astrid's recent post about colors and color palettes started me thinking about my own colors.

Way back in the 80's, when everyone was doing the seasonal color charts, mine was a hard case to figure out! I have highlighted blonde hair that tends toward mousey if I don't color it and golden brown/green hazel eyes. I think my skin tone is more warm than cool (pastels look horrible on me), and I am definitely low-contrast. My hair, skin, and eye color are very close, and I look much better in muted/mid-tone/neutral colors than I do in clear/bright colors.

On the Chic Fashionista website I came across the concept of "soft" color palettes, and I'm wondering if this is where I fall...specifically a "soft" autumn. Although, reading the descriptions again, I'm a little confused about what makes a coloring "soft" vs. "warm." Help?