I am trying these on, the Dansko Louise, and am so amazed at how comfortable they are. That's the big round toe box at work , among other things.
I targeted the beige, of all colors, as a nude and due to perforations, so looking S/S to me, and also- don't faint-- to wear with pencil skirts.
I am always on the lookout for a low- contrast flat or low- heeled shoe for summer with nude hose. This is against all " usual" advice that one must wear heels with pencil skirts. I wear loafers and ballet flats and some oxfords. It is much easier with opaque tights in winter. I would call this part of my " signature style" along with various pants outfits.
I usually go for a more tapered or refined style. But pointy and tapered are getting hard on the feet. (See the other find--just showing as different; I've not tried them, but the almond toe would be sleeker but over time is getting more pinchy.)
I kind of liking a change to this chunky rounded style, but I'm wondering if I can really pull it off, or if it's ironic on youngsters but will turn out Nurse Ratchet, or nursing home, on me? Or only meant for ankle pants or certain dress styles?
I get some very interesting vibes when I try on some pencil skirt outfits-- a bit like wearing sneakers with your work outfit on the subway, or cheerleader, but NOT, and still kind of cheeky-individualistic ( as in a double head- fake-- yes, I'm wearing clunky shoes that are SO comfortable, and didn't you know they're actually in style?) , if that makes sense, BUT I'm wondering if that's a blind side and I'll wear them to work and then go, what was I thinking?

Thoughts? Styling cautions? Abandon caution?