Hi all

Until today (when the mercury hit 38c) we’ve been having a cooler than usual Spring. Most daytime maximum temperatures have been below 20c/68f. We’ve also had quite a bit of rain, which has helped to keep temperatures down. The rain is great news because my State is experiencing a severe drought. And I will never ever complain about an extension to the boot season.

Although I’m not participating in the SYC challenge, all of these outfits are remixes of what’s already in my closet. So far I’ve only bought one new clothing item for Spring (a midi skirt). I’ll post that later.

Pics 1-2: Dinner out on an unseasonably cold night. I did a return to dark romance. In this outfit I enjoyed the repeat of the gold button motif in the skirt, necklace and handbag strap.

Pic 3 (work). Dark Floral + dark red.

Pic 4 (work). I love this shaggy little cotton tweed jacket from Zara (from last year). Lots of pattern and texture.

Pic 5 (casual). I’m working from home more often so I’m experimenting with casualising my pencil skirts. Here I combined one with an older, cropped, ladder effect cotton jumper for a casual outing. I liked the added texture and RATE touch it gave to the skirt.

Pic 6 (work on a warmer day). Black and white floral/stripe pattern mix with some animal print (the tiger cuff). I wore tan and gold accessories to lighten and warm up the palette.

Pic 7: Dark floral tee with tweed moto plus dark floral ring for running errands.

Pics 8-9: Keeping it real with a dog walking outfit + scene stealing dog. I spared you all my Aussie hat. The boots are different from the boots in the skirt photos. They are a bit wider (to accommodate jeans) and a bit more rugged. And they have fancy, schmancy buckles running down the back.

Your thoughts welcome