I could really identify with today's post! For most of my adult life I preferred spring/summer/autumn style to winter, because of the possibilities for layering and texture, plus sockless footwear. In the winter, I wear jeans (black or blue) pretty much every day. Boring, I thought!

But this year I hit my formula, and it's because of statement sweaters! I am down to just one neutral pullover, but the rest of my pullover collection is a bunch of loud, bright colors and patterns, and I adore every one. (I knew they had become a signature of mine a few years ago when I attended a meeting in my neon pink pullover and the pullover was referenced later in a social setting (ie, "...so then Lesley walks in in this shocking pink sweater...")).

Suddenly I like my winter wear better! (This is useful; I live in a very wintry place.) But I would like to translate this to more fun for the rest of the year, and I think it comes down to color.

In the warmer months, I do a lot more gray and white on top with color on the bottom. The everyday dresses I have are sort of neutral in color (chambray and grayish blue). I guess I need more bright color on top the rest of the year! Anyone else find themselves in this boat? Got any tips?