Hi everyone,

This is my first photo post to the forum. I have been reading and (sort of) commenting for about a year now. I have been inspired by you all, learned a lot, and am finally ready to take some risks. Stats: I am a petite pear with short legs, 5'4", fluctuate between 119-124 lbs, 56 years old. My uniform is a solid sheath/shift with cropped sweater (very Reese Witherspoon). Since the tunic/leggings century (for that's what it felt like), I gave up on separates; they were a disaster on me. But higher waistlines and shorter tops are luring me back. Yet, I've lost my eye for the look on my body--and I've since fully entered menopause, so my body is different now ten years on--so I could use your help! My general proportions and body type are probably closest (though not identical) to Suz and lisap's on the forum.

1) Last year's Levi's crops, current Aritzia top. Questions: Are the crops too short/out-of-date? I rarely go lighter on the bottom, but the narrower cut of this leg emboldens me. Am I wrong? Also, is the top too big? I wanted drape and forgiveness for when at the top of my weight (I'm in the middle right now: 122), but when I lose, clothing can look big quickly. It's a tough balance to strike.

2) Same top, black JCrew Teddie pants. Do Teddies work on me? Why/why not? Length? Thin leg? Compression on saddle bags? I tried on a smaller size, but it grabbed me between the legs both front and back in ways that made me very uncomfortable and self-conscious.

3) Same top, black Aritzia Cohen pant. Drapey crepe fabric, pleats below the waist, narrow leg. Work or not? Better or worse than Teddies? Length?

We are planning a short trip in a few weeks and I am trying to get a wardrobe capsule together of white and black bottoms, and go-with-everything tops and jackets.

PS--Suz: The two black dresses and high-low t-shirt you posted recently are AMAZING! Any source help for same or similar finds?

Thank you everyone! This is scary--but I'm desperate (and hopeful)!