I posted back in August that I had taken some clothing items to a consignment store. My contract ended Friday, so here's the end result.

  • I took in 32 items and she accepted 20. The others went straight to donation.
  • Out of the 20, 16 sold so I think that was great. I picked up the remaining 4 and took them straight to donation this morning.
  • My total from the sales was $135.75
Math wise, that's pennies on the dollar, but it's still that much more than just donating. I didn't expect otherwise because these were things I got plenty of use out of so to get anything back was great. The whole experience was quite fun, just tracking what sold and getting what I considered just play money. If you go in with that attitude (and are lucky enough to have a friendly store), consigning is great!

Something interesting...she took 5 Talbots items and only 1 sold. The 4 I picked up today were all Talbots. I asked if that was a coincidence or if it had some significance. She said people aren't really looking for Talbots anymore, but overall she said she never knew how it would turn out. I was a little surprised because all the Ann Taylor and J Jill things sold and I would have put them as no more currently stylish than Talbots, and quality wise slightly lower. I haven't shopped Talbots in many years because I just didn't like anything they were showing and eventually lost interest. Apparently I have tons of company there because those were the things no one wanted. Interesting!